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The dstt and dstti are versatile, incorporating cheat support in a variety of games. No flashme, builtin nopass, and the gba cards in slot2 can be started directly. Depending on which version of the dstt you possess, the folder name will either be ttmenu or ysmenu. Supports clean ds roms, no need to patch games using computer software, 100% romset game compatibility. It makes no sense to me and just another data conversion that one needs to carryout to make full use of the dstt card. This card came soon after the intreduction of the original r4 and was the first slot1 device to support sdhc cards. Im trying to decide to get either the r4ds or the dstt for my nintendo ds, i found a good deal at the r4 comes with a free 1gb micro sd and the dstt comes with a free hori screen protector, i just dont know which is the better card, anyone know. Checked this sub to see what a good cheap one would be, was told dstt was cheapest, but wouldnt support ntrboot. Dstt card for nds and nds lite to play download games. Dstt setup, firmware installation tutorial youtube. Does the 3ds has a game slot for the card or older legit ds games, and further, would the dstt card be compatible with the 3ds.

Set up tt tti install ttmenu ysmenu kernel genuine card. And it is reported that nonofficial dstt kernel retrogamefan support more ds game roms. Each dstti cart has a unique hardware serial number which can be checked at. The transflash tf memory slot of dstti and dstt is pushpush type, so you could change transflash tf memory card on your ds ds lite dsi console, view video 2. Discussion in nintendo ds started by jttormey, dec 28, 2009.

Closedsource firmware ysmenu was programmed by yasu software with ysmenu v6. Currently all of dstt cards are just naked cards, no packaging, no instruction paper. Dstt ttttds card can also support ntrboothax or magnethax. Now buy from us, you will get this card with free shipping, no custom, a lower price and a free tracking number. Broom knotek, rockstarzzz, guytronic and 1 others more this. Dstt card will automatically identify the game archive type, you do not need to update the archive library. Dec 28, 2009 stepbystep guide to upgrade the dstti 1. I know that i need to install some software on my pc, but i dont want to install some random malware crap on my computer. The ds top toy, amongst the many flashcarts that dont fit or are not compatible with most legal backups, is a reliable, easytofit, and 100% compatible backup unit that can do pretty much. Jun 02, 2009 click more info this is the nds tutorial on how to setup your ttds dstt note. Dstt kernel dstt firmware is also compatible with dstti.

Dstt ysmenu firmware updated for tt tti flashcards. If we dont have the r4 nintendo ds, dstt, edge or other brand of card you are looking for let us know and we will source it for direct from the manufacturer. Read on as we take on the mean streets in streets of rage 4 on the nintendo switch. Anyone know if a similar card is available for 3ds games. One of the uses for the dstt is to store and execute action replay cheat codes from a builtin database. A patch exists for the dstti for it to work on the 3ds 2. We tested 11 latest ds game roms by these two kernel dstt v1. We stock the very latest ds flash card technology including iedge card and r4i sdhc. I have a dstt card that came with a micro sd card with games on it. Nintendo ds slot1 interface, builtin boot function, can boot games from slot2 gba flash cartridge on nds and ds lite consoles. Couple days later, ntrboot came out, and my purchase was verified. R4i shop for r4i dstt r4 3ds ntrboot compatible cards cheap. However long later, some awesome people got it working on dstt.

Plug n play, easy to use, just drag n drop file from pc to flash memory card. No, the dstt doesnt work on 3ds, so i doubt dropping its firmware in would work. The dstt card is your ds homebrew solution for all nintendo ds, dsi and the new nintendo 3ds systems. Despite of the low price, their function is nearly perfect. The m3 card took mp3 without problem and proved an easier option on my old ds lite. China dstt firmware, dstt firmware from china supplier find variety dstt firmware from cardvr firmware,h 264 dvr firmware,download android firmware, set top box suppliers located in china, buy dstt firmware made in china on. Official loader updates have stopped so the only updates as of now are community save database updates note im probably very out of date on these.

How to use dstt download free english nintendo ds games. Sep 19, 2008 im trying to decide to get either the r4ds or the dstt for my nintendo ds, i found a good deal at the r4 comes with a free 1gb micro sd and the dstt comes with a free hori screen protector, i just dont know which is the better card, anyone know. Does anyone have experience updating their dstt firmware. Dstt for nintendo ds and ds lite and dstti for all versions of dsi xl, ndsi and i tworks on older nds models. Ndstt tt sdhc card functions ds original cartridge size, slot 1 interface plug and play, easy to use, drag and drop files no flashme, builtin nopass, and the gba cards in slot 2 can be started directly. Tti dstti or dstt tt are manufactured from tti can be used for nintendo 3ds, dsi xl, dsi v1. To install a new skin, replace the files in the ttmenuskindefault folder with the files of the same name from your new skin or rename the default folder to something else and create a new default folder and then place the files in the new folder. Nintendo dstt also known as flash cards are used to play free ds roms on the dualscreen consoles.

I dont want to install something that might destroy my dstt. While the official dstt kernel updation paused on dstt v1. Dstt and r4 are now the cheapest ds slot1 flash carts on the market. Dstt and dstti ttmenu kernel updated its kernel dstt ttmenu v1. We will update the latest kernel and firmware in time. I dont know where to find it, and id like to use ar code with pokemon black and white 2 aswell as blaze black 2 and volt white 2, but they dont exist, and ive tried everything from modifying the usrcheat. Here will guide you to set up wood r4 kernel below. This is from a matronix mx29lv400b chip, dont know if its compatible with other chips backup. A must buy title for me, but being in new zealand means i have to wait until some time next year for the release. I recently put luma cfw using the hard mod method on a new 3ds xl and everything went mostly smooth. Compatiblity of micro sd card is batter, chip composing is more neat. List of nintendo ds and 3ds flash cartridges wikipedia.

At new version, we provide latest r4 kernelfirmware under their product page download tab. Shares out the website link to download inofficial kernel like ysmenu 6. And it is your cheapest choice to use for installing cfw on your 3dsnew 3ds2ds2ds xl console. I want to put some new games on for my son so i bought a new micro sd card kingston brand, the first one was sandisk. Dstt has a builtin action replay and goldfinger cheat support, editable library for new game roms. Both latest unofficial dstt kernel and newest official dstt kernel v1. Aug 07, 2008 a friend of mine told me that my dstt is faulty because i probably need to update the firmware, but when i went to the site of the dstt, it had all these instructions and scary warnings that i couldnt understand properly. The dstt ds top toy for example is a new release of a slot 1based nintendo ds entertainment unit that also functions as a development and backup unit. I currently use the dstt card with my lite, which is excellent and has a solid number of games on it. And it is your cheapest choice to use for installing cfw on your 3ds new 3ds2ds2ds xl console. Tti dstti or dstt tt are manufactured from tti can be used for nintendo 3ds xl, 3ds, dsi xl, dsi v1.

Mar 14, 2016 brought an old ds flashcart back from the dead. The dstti is the dsicompatible version of the card, which shares the same loader. Check out our special offer for new subscribers to microsoft 365 business basic. The moonshell software will sometimes not read mp3 music or mp3 audio books. Technical support for setting up the card will be provided for all novice gamers. Since this card is a dstt clone, i wonder if theres a way to use the superior to me anyway dstt software instead of ysmenu. A new instalment in the classic beat em up franchise approaches.

Ill wait for the english release and hope that gets working under the dstt software quickly. New high density chip with faster speed is used for hardware update, that mean faster game speed and longer time in battery consumption. And dstt users may notice that unofficial dstt ysmenu v6. Use the safely remove hardware utility before removing your microsd card from your pc. Dstt is a new flash cart, but the perfomance is comparable to r4. We are not affiliated with nintendo or the 3ds brand. If you are using ttmenu as your default, simply run ysmenu. Thanks to retrogamefan, nonofficial tttti kernel update continues, which supports most ds games, new or old. Place the dstt into the nds, place the microsd card into the dstt, and turn on the nds. Provide r4 kernel firmware download service at product page. If you already have dstt and just buy new micro sd card. Most recent dstt ttds software 2014 by melodyrae91, mar 23, 2014 46,393 2 0. Click more info this is the nds tutorial on how to setup your ttdsdstt note.

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